You Are Born To Be A Fashion Designer If....
You spend your weekends at the mall/ shopping centre- you just LOVE fashion! You have  'Passion'  for your  'Fashion'
 You have attention to detail
 You are easily inspired and like being around creative and inspiring people
 You have loads of ideas for clothes and accessories
 You absolutely LOVE the new season trends and cant wait to get your hands on the latest new looks!

My dear Fashionista!

If you want to get a job at a major fashion house, or fashion retailer you will usually either need some sort of fashion experience.  This can include any Fashion courses that you have done, or anything that shows that you know a bit about fashion. You don’t have to have a fashion degree at a TAFE, or University or College, just as long as you have taken some fashion related courses that show you how the fashion industry works. If the course was run by a fashion industry expert, you have high chances that you will be taught the most relevant and up to date industry practices, as opposed to theory based teachers who aren’t  actually working in the fashion industry.

How to Get a Job in Fashion:

The easiest place to start is to do a online fashion course.  This is usually the cheapest option, and it will give you the relevant experience fast. This will get you into the industry fast, and you wont waste thousands of dollars on college fees.  A great online course that will give you all the fashion industry inside knowledge is ‘Howto Become a Professional Fashion Designer’.   Pricing starts at only $47.00 and you can add this to your resume straight away.

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