Hello readers

I'm so so so sorry for not writting anything for a long time. I became very active,so i'm not a no lifer anymore. :D

I work till 6pm, then i go and play tennis with my collegues and after that i party till morning. I sleep about 4,5 hours per night but i feel pretty good actually. I've been sleeping and resting for a very long time, so this a real refreshment for me.

I don't really have time for writting on here because i also have to write for my other job, and i have new aims btw.

 I want to learn Russian and Swedish and i'm working really hard on that. Russian is a language very simmilar to Croatian and i realized it would be easy to learn it and i can really use it a lot in Croatia coz we have a lot of Russian tourists on my island. And swedish is a language i know the least, and that's the reason to learn it. If i learn swedish i will also understand 3 other Scandinavian languages and it's really usefull. 

In about 15 days i'm getting a camera, and i can't wait :so excited:. I ordered a Fuji Finepix 4200 and i really hope it will be good, it has to be. These days have been very happy for me, i won a bunch of jewelery on a blog giveaway and i also won two pieces of designer handmade candles because i made the best nautical clothing set. I can't wait to get everything i'm waiting for and also share it on my blog.

So, that would be all from me for now. I'll be much more active when i get my camera, so be patient :)

Lots of Kisses to all my followers and my stalker :D


3 komentara:

  1. A stalker? :O oh my! that's so creepy! as creepy as a cancer! :/

  2. Hello lovely,
    can't wait for you to post again. Sometimes it feels good to be a busy bee. I speak Russian fluently, and would be glad to help you if you need anything.
    You know how to contact me hunni. <3


    Nia. x

    1. Wooow, thank you, that's so nice of you, i would be glad :) :*