The necklace of Marie Antoinette

I'll make it look like an accident

I'll make it look like he was trying to hurt me

I'll make it seem like i was innocent 

I'll make him wish he had never met me

I'll make it look like a suicide

I'll make it look like it was meant to be

I'll make the strychnine taste like raspberry tea

I fear for your soul

I know me, I'm so low

I spread the soul poison quietly
I make him think that he wanted it from me
I make it seem like I'm innocent

 This disease will feel like solidarity
I know me

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  1. I'm so in love with your stye!

  2. hi Lara thank you for visiting my blog... Ive been a follower of your blog way before =) oohhh i love your top... you have a great sense of style =)

  3. Perfect shirt !

  4. Great pictures, and in particular I love the hat and blouse

  5. Oh i love that hat, i'm trying to find one in Bucharest but didn't had luck with it :( Love your photos! I'm following you now! kisses

    1. This one is actually from New Yorker and i payed around a 1.5$ for it hehe...Thanx,followed you back xx

  6. that shirt is sick, I love it!
    Your blog is now on my bloglovin & gfc list, but are we friends on IFB?