Shaving my head again

Since i'm on island and the wheater is terrible i sometimes get crazy ideas. I've been growing my hair for about two years now, but had a sidecut made now and then. It grew a lot, both my hair and the sidecut.

So i decided to make another one. And i did. I realized it looked pretty strange when i put my hair in pony tail so i had to make the old one shorter, and i shaved it on both sides. Now i look like i have a mohawk, which wasn't the real plan. Ahh. But it's pretty wide so it looks kind of goth :/

Very bad quality but this is how the old one looked two days ago.

A beggining of a new one.

This is how it looks while my mom is around :D

A Sneak Peak

Previous versions :)

2 komentara:

  1. Very cool cut! Very daring; I could never pull it off! Have you considered donating your hair? It can make a world of a difference to someone! I did it :)

  2. Thanx. Well i doubt that, coz it's not like i shaved my whole had. this is really a small amount of hair