Friday Favorites

I saw these kinds of posts on a lot of other blogs, and i find them really interesting. 
It's an amazing way to meet other bloggers better. 

So, obviously this is my first ''Friday Favorites'' post, and i feel pretty good knowing that at least one day in a week i won't have to desperately force myself to come up with an idea for a next post. 

Besides that the weather is horrible and the photos just can't look right, it's killing me.

In few days i'm going to Zagreb for a few days, and i hope it will be useful for my camera.

All the photos have been taken from

  I have tons of band t-shirts which i don't wear so often and i've been thinking about making these dresses for a longest time. I wish i had a sewing machine, because i'm soooo lazy to do it all by hand.

In love with these tattoos. E.A.P. <3

Cutting of your denim jacket's sleeves. Can't wait for the warmer weather to become addicted to this.

Looking forward to partying with my friends like there is no tomorrow. :counts days:

The Smiths, forever and always.

2 komentara:

  1. sviđa mi se ovo :D
    uvijek dobijem neku novu inspiraciju gledajući tuđe postove petkom :D

  2. Love this post! I agree, these kinds of posts are a lot of fun and kind of inspiring as well!