I love mornings in general but when your being waken up by a postman delivering you a package of that long expected order... 
 those mornings are the most beautiful ones. 

About a month ago i won a 30$ gift card to spend it on DINO DIRECT

My happiness was undescribable. 

The site is really amazing, they offer all kinds of discounts, priveleges and free shipping all over the world. I became a vip member without doubt.


The wig was a huge disappointment.
Maybe it's me, coz i always have very high expectations. 
I knew it was synthetic, but as they said it was a really high quality kanekalon i was expecting it to be less shiny. 

Bangs are not straight at all, you can see in the photo how the right side is visibly longer then the left side. 
The fact that it's not entirely straight is fine, i'll blame the transportation for that. 

The only good thing about it is that it's really long and pretty cheap. I will try washing it like it's said in instructions so it will maybe look better.

This is how it's supposed to look like:



Okay, this jacket is something i'm completely satisfied with. 
It's not the highest quality, but it's amazing. 
Really warm, cotton jacket. 

I ordered the medium size and it fits me perfectly. I just hope it won't get a lot smaller after washing. 

I love everything about it. 


Beanie: Zara
Top: Tommy Hilfiger
Jacket: Dino Direct
Skirt: Terranova
Leggings: New Yorker

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  1. I love the shirt and jacket combo pretty with cool :)
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  2. Great buys. Jacket is so cool. :)
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  8. Wonderful pictures, I'm in love with the baseball jacket!

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  9. Too bad but you look very cute either way.

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  11. Love the jacket and you know the wig looks pretty good on the pictures!!!