New in: Studded glasses

I was accidentaly shooping as always since i moved to Dublin. I hate it how everything in this city calls me to buy it. I got this in the cutest store ever, Claire's. I have been to Claire's before, when i was younger and regulary spent my winter holidays in Vienna. I was younger and obssesed with Hello Kitty, and Claire's was full of it. So it was my little heaven. I could never understand why Croatia doesn't have Claire's.

There is a big sale there after Christmas so i got these babies for just 3 euro. I also couldn't help but get some other bits and pieces. I'm grown up now, so it's not that interesting to me anymore, especially since half of the store is dedicated to One direction lately, but i'm always happy when i find something for myself there.

If you haven't check it out HERE.

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