3 Summer favourites

I can't live without them for 3 years now. I have only 4 of them but they are all navy inspired, they must me navy to be mine :) They are not very expensive, you can find very cheap ones at H&M...Besides being comfortable can be very stylish...Add some long necklace, summer wedges and a huge hat and there you are. ;)




The cutest and the smallest little dress plus the most massive clogs! That's me in the summer. I know a lot of people dislike them but i am completely in love with clogs. They are my #1 summer shoes. I love to turn into a little boho during the summer and these shoes are definitely it. They are so artistic, made out of wood and leather and i find them very suitable for summer.



First thing that crosses my mind are my style gods...Pete Doherty and Johnny Depp. I love men fashion in general, sometimes more then 'ours'. I wear hats during the whole year, but in summer they are also there for protection. I don't wear wide brimmed hats, it's very hard for me the one that i like coz they are all too girly. I love leather wide ones, but can not find them here where i live. I usually wear fedora hats and i'm planning to buy a cilindar.


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  1. i want a jumpsuit but i still havent found the one that looks good on me :(

  2. cute jumpsuits!


  3. Now I follow you with gfc :) from Italy.
    I love hats.
    And you? Do you wanna follow me?

  4. You are absolutely right about johnny depp being a fashion icon!