My first and probably the last make up post

This is just a little make up post coz i realized i never did anything simmilar and i don't really bother that much with it.I usually just use a concealor for underneath my eyes, mascara and a red lipstick...I can't be wrong with that :) Pictures are pretty blury, sorry for that, and i'm not this pale it's the camera's fault. ahh...

So here is a todays look and what i used to get it.

1. Garnier Pure active ExfoBrusher, i have been addicted to that product for a year now. It's really amazing, i feel ten times more beautiful and clean whenever i use it and it's like i don't need a foundation after it. It makes my skin very smoth.

2. Loreal Paris Visible Lift 230 True Beige + Maybelline New York Affinitone Mineral 30 Sand 
Yes, i actually mix two foundations to get the perfect tone. I use a very dark one and a very light one. My skin is kind of olive and i can never find one perfect foundation. I have everything in them. The Loreal one includes collagene and it feels really good, and the maybelline one is for a sensitive skin which is very important to me.

3.Essence quattro eyeshadow
I love using those eyeshadows. They are veeeery cheap so i don't care if i have to buy another one very soon. I used nuber 05 called to die for hehe. It consists 4 beige shades which are my favourite colors when it comes to make up. They are very natural and very effective.

4.Essence Glam liner.
 I also always use essence liquid liners coz they are cheap and i don't get mad when it gets enpty after just a few weeks. I buy them too often, but that's okay coz they cost like 4$

5.Rimmel London Lash building mascara number 12 brown/black
My favourite mascara ever. I've been dissapointed by all mascaras so far and this is the only one that i'm fine with.

6.Loreal Paris Intense Lipstick Deep Raspberry 375
It's a very hard red/pink color and i soften it with

7. YSL Pure Rose number 2 Lip Gloss
YSL has the best lipgloss collection ever, ever!!!

8. Liquid Lip Color Tender Crystal number 31.
That's the peachy color i used on my lips on the first photo.


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