Just some photos of necklaces i'll be wearing this summer. Hope you like it :))

Most of this stuff i got as a present, and all the earrings are my grandma's, so i can not really name the brand.

I used to make jewlerey myself, but i gave it all to my friends and this is the only thing that  got left.

This is one of my fav necklaces. I got it from  my friend who moved away and this is such a cute memory and it's very elegant.

 Here is the most simple diy project ever and it's very chic.


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  1. i like the last one <3
    found you on IFB and i'm following. hope you'll follow back

  2. the earrings are soo pretty! love the necklaces too!

    following you :)



  3. i love the last one, so chic <3