Featured Heather Pool

Today's featured blogger is Heather Pool, a newly married make up artist from Portland Oregon
If you are a fashion lover then you probably already spent hours and hours watching other girls doing make up on youtube, now you can see how the professional does it. Heather makes youtube videos where she shows a lot of helpful make up tricks.

Her blog is accesible to a wide range of women. Everyone can find something for themselves there. From make up, clothes, diy projects to recipies. It is a very girly blog and she takes the cutest photos ever. 

Heather also gives advices on saving money e.d. how to look chic without buying all those labeled clothes. 
You know what they say...You can buy a fashion, but you can't buy a style. 
Heather Pool definitely has a style and you should go check her blog right now...

I promise you won't be sorry.


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