Drunk On Bacardi

As a fashion designer, my mother always knew that fasion comes back so she kept some clothes to see what will they be like as i grow older..That's a really smart move coz i used another item from her closet and that's this chic jacket. It is so amazing,i love the shoulders and the stripes coz they make me look thinner :D

So here is a little outfit post in three pics. ;)

And yeah, i'm pretty new to Chictopia, and if you didn't, make sure you follow me, i'll return the favour :)) :*

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  1. Great jacket !!! i love your blog! i follow you via gfc and bloglovin ;)


  2. You mom's awesome for thinking of something like that :) Great jacket dear! Love how you paired it with denim shorts for that modern look ;)


  3. OMG the shirt is amazing! I have no words!

    XOXO, Collage Minimalista

  4. Hello there! Thank you for the lovely message on IFB, unfortunately it won't let me reply to any messages :s but thank you for following my blog and I am now a new follower of yours too :) I love the tough military vibe of your OOTD so gorgeous! Also, I love connecting with every one of my followers so have given you a follow on twitter and pinterest :) have a good day!

    1. Oh, thank you very much darling...I followed you aswell :) xx

  5. you really have a beautiful blog! i like this post with the old clothes! really nice! (:
    i'm following you!

    check out my blog as well! hope you like it (: