Urban Turban

If you are really into fashion trends, if you follow runways and new designer inovations, then you could have noticed a really creative show represented by big Gaultier for a Spring 2013. 

His women collection was a lot more shocking, but the one for men intrigued me more, plus i wrote an article about it, so i watched it carefully. Galliano presented a sailor man who anchored his ship in a port of India, so except for expected navy prints, Galliano's sailor wore a turban which he obviously got in India,and made this obviously neverending navy trend more original. I got stuck on those turbans for months, then i saw it is really becoming popular,noticed it in a lot of other fashion shows as well on celebrities, video spots etc, so i had to do it! :D

Besides being trendi turban is also very helpful for those bad hair or just lazy days... So, ofc i had to try it myself, and i really loved it, i combined it with a kind of an urban look with glass-less sunglasses, a tutu skirt and a marc jacobs peplum top... I also added some inspirational photos...


J.P.Gaultier himself and his models

J.Lo looks so elegantly stunning wearing a turban

Me :D
A little tutorial :)


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  1. Oh I love ur post about turbans :) saw ur comment on my post! I am now following you via GFC and bloglovin dear :). Thehappinesssproject.blogspot.com

  2. obožavam turbane, tebi super stoji :)

  3. Great look, I love it. I love scarves in general as a headpiece, it alwyas looks so chic. And yes, can save a bad hair day. ;)
    Followed you.


  4. oh wow you really pull this turban look. I wonder how I look on them.