Olivia's early Pressies

Most of the clothes is still to big for this two month old munchkin, but we'll be patient. :D I love all the stuff and since she's growing so much, i doubt we'll have to wait too long.

Olivia was born on 30th of September, and has already gained 2kg and is 10cm longer then she was at birth. She's growing sooo fast and she is already very strong for a baby, she can easily sit and stand on her feet (while holding her ofc), she's been lifting and turning her head since she was only two weeks old. 

Now at two months she started making sounds and it's sooo funny. We all love spending time with her, and that's why i just couldn't get myself to sit and post something on this sad blog.

While i was pregnant i worked 6 hours per day, and actually walked half an hour to work everyday. Therefore, i was so exhausted. I'm so sorry i didn't keep my pregnancy diary, but i hope i'll do better now. I'll try to post Olivia's info and milestones every month, and also do my best to post some outfits in between, coz i don't want this blog to turn completely into 'mommy&baby' type of blog.

Also i started working out, and taking care of my diet. Today is 3 weeks since i've started, and my body is really improving.
 I really gained a lot during the pregnancy, and now i'm very determined to get in shape. 


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