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           Jonathan Adler 
                                           ''Home chic home'' 

Jonathan Adler was born in New Jersey, and has done most of his work in USA, but is world famousHe started as a potter who fell in love with clay at the age of 12, but later in life expanded into home furnishings. He studied semiotics and art history at Brown university, but spent most of his time doing what he really loved, making pots. Few years after he moved to New York, he got his first serious business opportunity from Barneys, and then realized he can work as a production potter.  
First time he ever got in touch with interior design was in Peru, where he was invited by Aid to Artisans, a non profit organization that is connecting young artists with designers. He fell in love with their textiles and made his first pillows, throws and rugs.  
He opened his first store in SOHO, almost 20 years ago, and now has nearly 30 stores worldwide, an e-commerce site and over 1,000 wholesale business locations. 
His inspirations have come from Mid-century modern art and global pop culture.  A maximalist who is not afraid of color and pattern, the more the better. Bright colors and pastels, a home full of life and joy. That's what I like about him the most. 
 He says he is very serious about what he does, but believes that design should have a sense of humor. 
 Jonathan has worked on luxury residential projects as well as large-scale commercial projects. His company is run by the team and they very often collaborate with other brands.  
His most famous collaborations were designing for the ''real'' Barbie Dream House and making Starbucks (RED) card and mug for The Global Fund. 
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