It's a game day!


     Because it is hard to stay stylish and sporty at the same time, I have created two looks based around an NFL jersey.

I must say, i'm not very familiar with all the players and teams, since i'm not American, but this was a style challenge, and if you read my blog, you could notice how obssesed i am with styling.

I'm a big fan of loose clothes, therefore i went for men's jerseys. I love dark colors, but instead of everything being very black, i chose dark blue and green for jerseys and styled them in two very different ways.

First outfit is for a woman who doesn't care about football that much, but always sits in the vip section no matter what the event is about. She can't leave the house without her heels on and is always ready, looking the best she can. She is not there to take photos, but to be photographed.

fanatics vip

The second outfit is for a girl next door who secretly aspires to be a successfull fashion face, she absolutely loves football and this is something she's really been waiting for. She is sporty and casual, but never boring, bubbly, happy and one of the loudest on the stadium. She is one of the boys, and she loves it.

fanatics fan

If you like what you see, make sure to visit fanatics website, they have amazing sale there and can really help you look fabulous for that long awaited game day! 

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