Happy Halloween

Halloween is unfortunatly not so common here where i live. We have no pumpkins or any halloween connected stuff in our stores, so the only thing i could make are cupcakes. At least they are in suitable colors. 


In Zagreb it is a kind of a celebration, an excuse to party one day longer, get drunk etc. and yeah i tried to achieve that on last halloween,but it hasn't been very pleasent. My friend and i somehow mixed the dates and we got into halloween mood a day before the actual date, so ofc we dressed up and everything... I was Jessica Rabbit and you can't even imagine how embarasing it was walking down the city looking like i just came down from a stage of some cabaret bar. And my stockings were falling down the whole night.Oh god.

So this year i'm on my island and i just baked some cupcakes. Chocolate with bubble gum flavoured cream. They were yummy. :)

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  1. Those cupcakes look fantastic and last year...well that is just a distant memory now.

  2. bas sladak outfit!
    a cupcakes <3 mmmm...

  3. want to try that cakes..must great!