Finally i got another tattoo. The intersting thing about my tattoos is that i come up with every idea in a last moment. I spend like months thinking and sketching what i'd like to get and then in the last moment i just change my mind to something not even near the main idea. But yeah, the truth is i'm never sorry. I have five tattoos now, three really really small one and home made ones plus two professionally made.

And, about this tattoo...i've been thinking about getting my natal chart wheel on my shoulder but it can't be done and it drives me crazy. So i tought i should get anything that will express my Scorpio nature, but i never wanted  just a regular scorpio symbol or a scorpion coz it's just way too common. My main idea was to get something like ''embrace your dark side'', but soon i found this quote by Galileo Galilei and it was the love at first sight. :)

When i was younger i was very much into piercings, even though i only had 3 of them. But yeah, gladly it was just a teenage phase,and soon i realized tattoos are my true love. Being overly online i noticed there are so many people complaining about getting employed while tattooed. I never had those problems. 

My tattoos are visible, i have tattooed my wrist, forearm and finger. I'm from a small and pretty closed minded country, plus i was born on an island which is more conservative then the rest of my country and on that island i've been working every summer since i started a highschool. 

My jobs were always connected to tourism of course, so it means i've had a direct contact with people. Last summer i had dreadlocks, tattooed arms and i wore one lip piercing. No one ever said a word against it, on the contrary it was interesting to everyone. I was the easiest person to approach to, everyone was like 'Did that hurt?' 'Are you getting more of those?' etc. no one ever said a negative word. That's the reason i can't understand all those people living in such a well developed cities having trouble with getting a job. I just hope you'll all find a boss and collegues that are as understanding as mine. :)


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  1. That writing is lovlley

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  2. Odlične tetovaže... pogotovo ova nova... da sam imalo hrabrija, i ja bih jednu... malo manjiih dimenzija... ali mi je preseksi viejdeti mladu, samouvjerenu ženu s tetovažama :D mrak!!!

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  4. Liked your style! Follow each other on GFC?

  5. Hey Lara,

    Just discovered your blog and now I'm hooked on it! Your style and writing are so captivating and your new tattoo is beautiful. What an inspirational quote.. Following you via GFC xx


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