I recently won another giveway. It just seems like this is some really lucky period for me. Everything just goes the best possible way, at least everything fashion related. But that's more then enough. :) So, yeah, i won a £20 voucher to spend it on amazing ASOS.

This was a giveaway launched by an amazing girl and a fabulous blogger SENJA. Do check her blog out, i promise her outfits and potography will leave you breathless.

What i ordered


1.Club L Skull Print Vest With Fringing

Fringing is definitly something i'm missing in my wardrobe,and since it's very trendy i just couldn't  resist it. I ordered a large one in black color. Lately, i'm very much into oversized and layerd clothes and i can already see how it will fit my future outfits, it's alternative, slouchy and huge. Those three words are everything i look for while shooping for new clothes, and this vest has it all.

order it here



2.River Island Union Jack Wire Wrap Head Band

 When i'm not wearing hats (and that's rare) i always wear headbands. I just have to have something on my head i guess, hehe. Especially when the outfits are too simple i love to complicate it by adding a lot of accessories. I really love this one, it was very cheap and the print is just perfect. I jsut realized i don't have any item with Union Jack print, even though i love it so much. Maybe this is should be the beggining. :)

3.Tattoo Tights

This is without doubt my favourite purchase. Finally a tattoo tights by a very acceptable price and a very unique print. I've never seen such a detailed tattoo tights and this was such a love at first sight. I will definitelly color them and make them seem more real, i'm just so afraid i'll destroy them very soon, coz i won't be able to wear anyting without them. They are so navy, and i loooove navy >.< 


4.Over The Knee Metallic Socks


And the last but not least are this really cool colored over knee socks. I wear dr Martens a lot and i love how they look like with high socks. I'm so really in love woth this metallic teal color plus they look really warm, and it's essential especially when you are a sea person living in a cold city. I can already see myself wearing them over my fake tattoos. :D

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  1. I love the metallic over the knee socks!! X

  2. I'm glad you're happy with your voucher and it seems like you ordered some pretty amazing things, I love the headband and the socks! :)