New hair, tights and a trip

I finally got them! :D My tattoo tigths and everything else i ordered from gorgeous ASOS. I'm so in love and i'm afraid my love will kill them too soon. I can't imagine wearing anything without them included in the combination. The photos make them look too glowy, but they are really not. They look so real, i get all kinds of shocked comments. :D

You could also notice that i changed my haircolor and cut my bangs. I was talking about getting the light pink hair color, but unfortunatly i found some black color at home so i couldn't resist, i'm kind of sorry now, black never suited me very well, it makes me look too goth, or just makes me feel that way, ahh...So, my hair is naturaly a bit wavy and i've spend the biggest amount of money on all the products and irons for straightening it. 

Yesterday something came into me and i decided to curl it for a first time :O I'm actually kind of satisfied with the work, and it made me think i should do it more often. How crazy this Saturn return is, new decisions have definitely become a huge part of my life lately.

There was also a lot of travelling in my life since the last post. I've been in Slovenia two times in a week. I loved it, and can't wait to visit it again. I have never ate that much in my life,as those days i've been in Ljubljana. Oh, my cheesecake... Thanx god we don't have such a good cheescake so i won't get too fat.

We made a little shopping there, too. I  didn't bought any new clothes coz they have all the same stores as we do, but i bought a new skateboard deck, finally :D 

And yeah the main reason we were going there is to buy a materials for a fashion show that my friend is planing to attend, so we were walking, actually kind of hiking to that 'special' store for 2 hours, plus 2 hours back. We came there and she bought only one material, i got so crazy...It was too expensive there and nt that lovely as it looked on photos. So yeah, i think that little adventure of ours killed all the cheesecakes we ate. :D

Now i'm back home, but back to my real home, not Zagreb...on the island :( I can't wait to go back, and who knows when that will happen, i desperately need to find a job to stay in Zagreb, but it seems so impossible. I don't know what to do anymore. I decided to finally start writing a book, so i hope i'll finish it pretty soon and it will be such a huge hit so that i can live wherever i want. :) Oh,my optimism....


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  1. Thank you so much dear!! Love the tatoo tights :D Nice picture of Slovenia..
    So beautiful ..


  2. You are gorgeous!
    And the pics are so cool.


  3. cool hair and tights
    really classy classic sexy. very dita von-teese'ish
    followed you!


    ps.please check out my latest post

  4. odlično izgledaš,a anajlonke su prezakon :D

  5. Those tights are very cool!

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