Hair extensions

They finally came!
I ordered these syntetic hair extensions about two months ago. Yeah they were travelling that long, but honestly it was worth waiting.
They are not real human hair but they are gorgeous. It's actualy one extension with 5 clips so it's a full head ext.
Here were i live we have some hairdresser shops but they are sooo expensive, i was usually buying streak by streak, but they got really messy over the time.
These ones are really really cheap. Only £3.95 and the postage and shipping is free. :)
You can also choose beetween curly or straight and you have 10 various shade colors to choose from. That's really amazing, because you can really make your hair look natural. I wear them everywhere, whole day. And people keep asking me: '' how did you grow your hair so fast?'' and when i say i'm wearing extensions, they can't believe. I'm very satisfied and would redcommend it to everyone. :)

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