Obsessed much?

Here are just some photos i took from the internet of very inspirational and cute navy stuff. If you follow me you can notice that i'm pretty obsessed with anything connected to the sea and i'm sorry if i'm boring i just love it soooo much. :3

Today will be a long day for me, so i'll go grab some coffee now and greet you till my next post.


Blair Waldorf + Navy dress = <3

Love these nail designs, i'm so gonna do them today. :excited:

This is without doubt my next diy project.

Beauty is in simplicity.

I wanted a captain's hat for such a long time,but i can't never find the one that is beautiful enough. >.<

I love this Blue-Yellow combo, i would so wear it,but definitely without the cardigan

Rope as a necklace is such an amazing idea.


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  1. i loove nautical inspired things too!! Followed ;)