''What's in my bag''

Found this post on http://mademoisellemeese.blogspot.com and i had to do my own version.
I love this kinds of playful posts which help us to meet each other better trough a little games :)

It was a contest of this kind on Polyvore but it was based on a template so people coudn't be creative enough. I made one in my own way. Hope you like it.

I'd love it if you show what's in your bag too.
 Everyone is at least a little bit interested in that ;)

  1. I have Louis Vuitton Speddy Bag 30. I don't wear it very often lately, because i'm more into clutches now, but when i need a bigger bag than, this one is the right one. It has a lot of space but it's not too big.
  2. Yeah, i'm a smoker. And a really hard one. So ciggaretes are number one thing in my bag. I smoke these croatian brand called Ronhill Slims which are pretty light and feminine...and a lighter ofcourse.
  3. Chewing Gums or any mint candies are my second addiction.
  4. My Cell Phone. Nokia-some numbers-Monte. I could definitely live without a phone. I hate it but it's unfortunatly essential today.
  5. A wallet that is full of pictures of people i love, concert tickets, cards, id, bla,bla but never full of money :D
  6. YSL Golden Gloss. My all time favourite Lip gloss in a beautiful color which i can't even describe. A mix of red, purple and brown combined with little sequins. Plus it smells amazing.
  7. Maybelline False Lashes Mascara is the one i'm currently using. Nothing special, but fine. The only thing that matters to me when buying mascara is that it has a rubber brush.
  8. *L'occitaine* Hail to it! I'm obssesed with their products. Definitely number one beauty brand for me. Things i always have in my bag are Baume Levres ultra rich Lip Balm with 10% Shea Butter and a Hoey and Lemon hand cream which i also use on my face because it smells undescribably good. That cream is probably a number one l'occitaine's product i would recommend to start with.
  9. A pocket mirror, or few of them. :)
  10. And ofcourse a bunch of bobby pins all over my bag.

                                          Your Turn! :) 

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  1. Killer post! I could completely relate to some of it because i am a smoker too and our bags are incomplete without our ciggies, lighters and mints! I somehow dont like wearing lip gloss because it gets all over the ciggie! So i prefer transfer resist lipstick instead. But on a daily basis i normally have my blackberry and a lipbalm in my bag all the time! And lots of tissues because where I live it is really humid and we never need cream!

    1. yeah, no one gets a smoker better then another smoker :)
      That's interesting. I usually wear a little make up bag inside my main bag so it doesn't get dirty but i want it to be exactly 10 things on a list,i'm a bit of a perfectionist. :)


    2. Cocolina!!! I want follow you but i can´t find widgets like Bloglovin or GFC, please help me! thanks!!!


    3. I don't have accounts on there :( But doesn't matter, thank you anyway. :) :*

  2. I love these kind of posts also, I will have to do another one soon!

  3. Zdravo!Pronasla sam te na IFB, super ti je blog, pratim te, nadam se da ces me posetiti..vidimo se :)

    1. Bok. Hvala,naravno, mi domaći smo tu jedni za druge :) :*

  4. cool post, following you now


  5. really awesome finds!