I am an ex fashion design student. I quit it in second year coz it wasn't really what i expected it to be. I was kind of dissapointed there. It was always my biggest dream and my whole world crushed down when i got in.

I don't draw very well especially comparing to other people there. A lot of them wanted to go to the art academy and if they didn't get in they would go on my faculty. They have amazing drawing skills but not love for fashion. And that makes me really sad. I finished a high school which has nothing to do with art and that was my big minus. My parents were afraid to send me to an art school coz it was pretty far from where i live. I blame them for that a little bit.

My mom is a fashion designer but she never worked as one, for a little time she was making accesoiresses for one ex Croatian designer and after that nothing. My familly is very creative, we have musicians,painters, interior designers and fashion designers. My house looks like a jungle and i love that, it's very creative, full of our paintings, decor and crafty things. I'm very proud of it, even though my friends think it's funny. :)

Here are few of my works i made during faculty. I'm not really good at it but i enjoyed every second of it. My professors always said that i'm better at textile design.

Textile design- Mandalas

Op Art Theme

Animal Print Theme

Red Theme

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  1. Crteži su ti fenomenalni!!! Šteta što si odustala... :( čime se sad baviš? :)

  2. Hvala ti, al i nisu bas :)
    A da, al nije mi zao ipak, kad si skupim love cu neki srodni tecaj upisat, nadam se.
    Necim nikako vezanim uz sve ovo, astrologijom :)

  3. Wow these are really really good! love your blog and now following you would love it if you followed me back too :)



  4. So cool! I love the last one so much<3!

    Have a great day and happy Easter!
    Love, Iris


    1. Thank you, i wish the same to you. :) xx

  5. So cool!